To… The Future!

First post on this blog: So, readers, let’s all strap on our jetpacks, and leap into our flying cars — we’re headed for The Future! Erm, no… I like good science-fiction as much as the next person, but pictures of shiny gadgets and “10 things about Mining Asteroids” lists are not going to be what you’ll find on this new blog.

I’ll be tracking the growing trend in serious-minded measured optimism, in the vein of Matt Ridley’s book The Rational Optimist. Optimism that looks to the near-term, 2020 and maybe a little beyond, and presents good evidence for its claims. Optimism that reminds us of how well we’ve done so far. There will also be pointers to selected online articles and lectures that seek to ask: how do we educate to overcome the emotional pull of the gloom-pocalypse; how do we cut through the impenetrable thickets of knee-jerk bad news and lazy journalism; how can an ageing humanity be nudged away from the caution that is natural to old age.

There may be rocket ships here, occasionally, thanks to the likes of Elon Musk. But only occasionally. Enjoy.