2015 MOOCs for the rational optimist

Ten MOOCs (free online learning courses) starting soon, that seem related to — or with the potential to be — a vehicle for rational optimism. You may have to wrangle a pessimistic middle-aged liberal professor or three, but these generally look like they’re going in the right direction:

1. Decision Skills: Power Tools to Build Your Life

2. Marketing with Dignity at the Base of the Pyramid (Social enterprises that are serving customers in South Asia, East and West Africa)

3. Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology

4. Managing the Company of the Future

5. Growing our Future Food and Global Food Security: Addressing the Challenge and Global Postharvest Loss Prevention: Fundamentals, Technologies, and Actors

6. Super-Earths And Life (Finding Earth-like planets)

7. Documentary! New Trends, New Formats (Documentary makers)

8. Spirituality and Sensuality: Sacred Objects in Religious Life

9. TechniCity (Smart cities)

10. The Governance of Nonprofit Organizations

There’s also an old one I found, The Optimistic Child. Seven hours of video for $35, on “Fostering Optimism & Resilience in Your Child”. Possibly it’s happy-clappy optimism, rather than rational optimism — so ‘buyer beware’.