Asia Pulp and Paper stops all native forest clearance

One of the world’s biggest paper producers, Asia Pulp and Paper, has stopped its producers chopping down natural forests. This is according to an independent inspection programme and report by the Rainforest Alliance (SourceWatch), which reports that Asia Pulp and Paper…

* Halted natural forest clearance by its supplier companies.

* Stopped all transport to mills of mixed tropical hardwood.

* Halted new canal development on peatland.

* Mapped social conflicts and established processes to begin resolving these conflicts.

* Developed measures to assess its global supply chain [for sustainability].

If correct then it shows the remarkable speed with which mega-corporations can turn a situation around, and on a vast scale, once they put their mind to it. Compare that with the intractable problems that some governments have with deforestation and reforestation programmes. Such as in Lebanon, where they have just unveiled a grand vision of re-covering that arid ancient Bible land in its famous cedar trees. But, given the basket-case governance of that nation and the long past record of such reports gathering dust, no-one believes that it will actually happen. Perhaps they should partner with a mega-corporation to get the job done.