Roboweeders roll out in Australia…

“Two robots working together on Bendee effortlessly sprayed weeds in a 70ha mung-bean crop last month. Their infra-red beams picked up any small weeds among the crop rows and sent a message to the nozzle to eject a small chemical spray. Bate hopes to soon use microwave or laser technology to kill the weeds. Best of all, the robots do the work without guidance. They work 24 hours a day. They have in-built navigation and obstacle detection, making them robust and able to decide if an area of a paddock should not be traversed. Special swarming technology means the robots can detect each other and know which part of the paddock has already been assessed and sprayed”

“New technology such as robots and drones is attracting many of a new generation of younger people back from university into agriculture. … a small farmer in a third-world country may not be able to afford the latest big [$250,000] tractor, but he could afford a smaller robot to do the job.”

farmrobotPicture: Farm robot bendee rig, hanging weed sprayers not loaded to the frame.