UK household energy consumption

Back in January I delved into the figures on UK domestic power consumption and came away feeling broadly optimistic. Even our energy-hogging PCs and videogaming consoles are starting to draw less power. Carbon Brief has this week also taken a detailed look at the UK figures. He suggests four key factors that are driving the reductions…

* manufacturers are building more efficient models of fridge, washing machine, vacuums etc.

* home lighting is more efficient.

* better roof and wall insulation, newer water boilers.

* when fuel prices sky-rocket during a recession, consumers naturally economise.

I’d also add that when young kids are scared witless by green doomsday propaganda at school, then as a group they may be more inclined to switch off lights when leaving a room, take devices off standby, and badger their parents into energy saving measures. Which may be just as well, since the neglect of our power stations under Labour has left us looking at potential power-cuts in 2015/16, despite the falling household demand.


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