Asimov’s January 1957 essay “The By-Product of Science Fiction”

JSTOR Weekly today muses on a 1957 essay by Asimov. In Asimov’s January 1957 essay “The By-Product of Science Fiction” (aka “The Cult of Ignorance”) he…

“talks about watching TV one night and seeing an advertisement from a company that needed missile engineers at a factory in Florida. The ad is pushing hard, selling the viewer good wages, beaches, cheap and excellent housing, the rapid advancement, the solid security. After the commercial, the show resumes, a show in which the protagonist, the character we should relate to and empathize with, says he hates books. His opposite, a librarian, who in the end is only saved because she’s made to loosen up, live a little, and not care so much about being smart. Asimov ties the line between the two.”

The essay is online in full, for free here, whereas the supposedly ‘free’ JSTOR wants $38 to see it, hem hem….