Google’s Larry Page, on seeing Tomorrowland

That’s the spirit! Google’s Larry Page opens the Google shareholder’s meeting with a speech about seeing the optimistic movie Tomorrowland

“The reason I went to the movie is because I was interested in a version of the future that would be positive because that is so seldom portrayed in science fiction.” … “It’s much easier [for movies] to focus on the negative and stoke up fear — [hyping] all the things that could go wrong with something you don’t know what it is yet. It’s very hard to find positive views of the future in general. I think that’s been true for a long time. Don’t let that get you down.” “Any measure you make of the world, it’s getting better: poverty, empowerment… everything is getting better in general, and by quite a bit. We should be optimists and be excited about all the things that we are building and contributing to the world because I think it’s working.”

Now, Larry… about funding a much-needed sequel to Tomorrowland


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