“Tomorrowland is a critical and cultural Rorschach test”

A thoughtful musing on Tommorrowland‘s reception and themes, today, by cultural critic and art historian James Abbott: “Tomorrowland bombed because America isn’t brave enough for its message”

“Tomorrowland is a critical and cultural Rorschach test — tell me what you think of it, and your aesthetics are laid bare.”

“”Tomorrowland” is generating more critical meditations than it is ticket sales, and it is this ongoing discussion that may give the film legs and relevance (if not success) for years to come.”

He also points to the lack of any real initial reception among serious sci-fi fandom, with critics on sci-fi sites such as Charlie Jane Anders on io9 only offering an…

“insight of staggering vacuity”

“Even the critical arm of the science fiction community seems immune to the messages of “Tomorrowland.” Critical assessments in tightly cloistered fan communities are often driven by agendas or allegiances that make little sense to the uninitiated…”


2 thoughts on ““Tomorrowland is a critical and cultural Rorschach test”

  1. James Abbott June 11, 2015 / 3:53 am

    Hello — James Abbott here. I just wanted to thank you for the kind words; they are much appreciated. I’ve been through your blog and there is much to admire.


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