NASA’s input into the Tomorrowland movie

Today NASA’s website foregrounds a new teen-friendly post on “Our ‘Tomorrowland’: NASA advancing the future on Earth and in space”, which lightly spins off from its involvement NASA’s involvement with the wonderful optimistic new movie Tomorrowland. What exactly was that involvement? Well below are three of the best links I could find, that help explain what NASA brought to the movie…

* “Exclusive: NASA on how ‘Tomorrowland may spark curiosity in real exploration'” seems to suffer from a dull interviewer, but at least the interview gets across some key details on the NASA involvement — “We reviewed the script, and we added a couple of little tweaks for accuracy.”

* NASA also approved extensive filming at one of the real Apollo launch pads in Florida, as documented by Brad Bird’s on-site production video-diary at the NASA 39A launch-pad in Florida and other Tomorrowland interviews with Bird. They appear to have given technical advice around that, and presumably tweaked the details of Casey’s activities at the pad to keep them real.

* There was also a NASA Liaison assigned to the movie, who’s interviewed in Tomorrowland NASA Liaison Bert Ulrich Tells Us How Science Fiction Inspires the Future”.

Overall, the Tomorrowland-NASA link-up seems a good example of how big science can nudge big pop-culture vehicles into a slightly higher orbit.

filmAbove: Filming Casey’s platform-fixing scenes at the Apollo launch platform.