John C. Wright on Tomorrowland

SF author and Nebula Award finalist John C. Wright has a strongly positive review of the optimistic movie Tomorrowland today, from the perspective of the rational right…

“Never trust reviewers. Never. … This was the best movie of the decade … My conservative allies who panned this film got the whole point entirely backward.”

Yup! I agree. There’s more in his review, with some very perceptive insights into Nix and the Monitor that I’ve not seen before in reviews.


One thought on “John C. Wright on Tomorrowland

  1. David Haden June 23, 2015 / 9:26 pm

    But “best movie of the decade” though? Well, actually he might be right. I really can’t think of any other SF movie since 2005 that I’d enjoy seeing again as much as Tomorrowland. Limitless? Fun for the first and second viewing, but I find it pales after that. Source Code? An excellent one-time view movie, but not a repeater once you know the plot. Cloud Atlas? Yep, maybe, a big deep message but it also suffers from ‘big sprawling cast -itis’ and can be rather gloomy. Prometheus, in the longer fan-edit version, ran fairly well on the third viewing, and also may grow more enjoyable if we get really good sequels which link back to it. Ender’s Game? Like The Matrix it flopped totally for me on the second viewing, having been gripping the first time around. Edge of Tomorrow? Outstanding, but lacks intellectual depth and backstory.


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