Creativity in 142 sq.ft.

John Boiler of 72andSunny on “How to Design A Modern Office Space for Optimism”.

“When you look around an office, nine times out of 10 you can tell if it was designed for fear. … We designed 72andSunny for the opposite of fear, for optimism.”

Fine if you’re an L.A. ad agency like 72andSunny, perhaps. And staffed by supple young bodies (one problem I see immediately at 72andSunny is a lack of good ergonomic lower-back support while sitting). But what about bog-standard in Basildon? Well, as it turns out, there is a key portable metric, according to Boiler…

“One piece of data: 142 square feet per person. That’s the ratio of space per person that seems to work best for creativity. It gets a little intense when it gets much lower and the energy drops when it goes higher. How we got to that figure just took time and awareness of how people were feeling and acting.”