The End of Doom

Former Thatcher Chancellor Nigel Lawson has a short review of the new book The End of Doom: Environmental Renewal in the Twenty-First Century in The Wall Street Journal

“… gloominess has become the default position of the intellectual classes in the Western world … Ronald Bailey … [knocks down] all these irrational prophecies, and the profoundly harmful policies that the doomsters recommend … As his book demonstrates, a careful examination of the evidence shows that, at least in material terms (which is not unimportant, particularly for the world’s poor), life is getting better.”

CATO has a free podcast of an 80-minute Book Forum talk by Ronald Bailey (plus a long and very tedious commentary from 29 mins to 54 mins, which some may want to skip), from July 2015…

“In his book, Bailey provides a detailed examination of the theories, studies, and assumptions currently spurring forecasts of calamity and shaping environmental policy. Breaking down the numbers, he finds that — thanks to human ingenuity and economic progress — many current ecological trends are in fact positive. Cancer rates are falling in America, world population will soon be declining, more and more land is being restored to nature, increasing wealth is leading to decreasing pollution, and the cost of clean energy will soon fall below that of fossil fuels. As Bailey demonstrates, the way to cement these trends is not to retreat into a maze of paralyzing regulation but to craft our own future through continuing economic and technological development.”