Some Future Jobs

Some future jobs…

* Rewilder (Undoes environmental damage, removes fences, repairs ecosystems, genetically recreates extinct species etc)

* Nostalgist (Interior designer specialising in recreating memories for retired people)

* Localiser (Helps small neighbourhoods and companies survive and thrive by using what is local to them, and cultivating local distinctiveness)

* Rubbish Designer (Ensures high-quality materials in a worn-out product can later be used to make another entirely separate product)

* Makeshift Structure Engineer (Designer and fabricator of temporary or nomadic buildings)

* Healthcare Navigator (Has the time to teach patients and their loved ones about the ins and outs of an increasingly complicated and advanced medical system)

* Predictive Intelligence Analyst (Predicts event probabilities a little into the future, by sifting and blending the aggregated ‘wisdom of the crowd’ + human-curated Big Data computer models + autonomous bots + time-served human experts + research funding timelines)

* Artificial Intelligence Corrector (Aligns AI behaviour with politically-correct mores and fashions, and then tries to compensate for the inevitable errors the AI will then make because its model of the world has been distorted)

* Stylometrician (Uses sophisticated real-time audience measurement and Big Data, to pull style templates out of seemingly unquantifiable creative products and genres)

* Artificial Intelligence Algorithmist.

* Serendipity Engineer.

* Underwater Food Aquaculturist.

* Bionics Integrator Nurse.

* Computational Linguist.

* Pet Cryonics Technician.

* Personal Image & Leisure-time Consultant.

* Information Broker and Curator.

* Big Data Pipeline Integrationist.

* Relocation Agent for Nomadic Off-Grid Living.

* Retirement Consultant.

* Remote Drone Pilot.

* Water-quality Specialist.

* Marriage Broker.

* Horticulture Therapy Worker.

* Artisanal Maker.

* Seed Bank Explorer and Collector.

* Videogame Sports Star.

* Energy-use Optimisation Consultant.

* Space archaeologist.

* Nanobot designer.

* Metarole – one who ‘does meta’ or ‘thinks meta’ on large projects and ventures.

* Robo-wrangler – one who catches and corrects faulty personal robots.

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