The Evolution of Everything – released

The major new book by Matt Ridley (The Rational Optimist) is titled The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge and it’s out today in the UK.


Amazon UK’s page for the Kindle/print book knows nuuurtthing about any audio book, but they do have two pages for one if your search. There’s a bit of an Amazon sales flim-flam going on with these, though. “Get it free” but only by subscribing by direct debit to Audible, or pay a gouging £30.65 on pre-order and wait-until-November — those appear to be the only options on Amazon UK.

However, the canny buyer will go to Audible UK’s page for the audiobook, where it is available now at a distinctly affordable £13.99. You can even hear the first 13 minutes of the audiobook for free on Soundcloud, read by Steven Crossley.

The USA audiobook release is apparently to arrive curiously late on 3rd November 2015. A dangerous gap there, I’d suggest, regarding U.S. piracy in the meantime.