“That’s not re-wilding, THIS is re-wilding!”

Last week I blogged about what I thought was fairly large-scale DIY re-wilding. Like the famous scene in Crocodile Dundee (“that’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!”) the excellent podcast EconTalk whips out a fascinating new interview this week on really large-scale re-wilding. As in, 3.3 million acres of virgin and mostly fence-less American prairie. Open and with free-roaming unmanaged wild bison, pronghorn antelope, prairie dogs, wolf packs and more.


It’s also in one of the most remote places in the USA. Sounds to me, from listening to the podcast like there’s soon going to be a great place for a Prairie Man festival (alongside Burning Man). Pity that Burning Man is just incredibly eco-unfriendly once you make all the calculations include car mileage and air-travel. Perhaps a Prairie Man festival could only be got to by walking 50 miles into the Prairie — no vehicles? And you’d have to get to the start of the trail in a solar-powered genuinely eco-friendly car, after travelling cross-country by rail.