Food for thought

MoneyWeek on How big data will feed the global population – however big it gets and Christian Science Monitor on The next food revolution: fish farming?.

Trade magazine Biofuels Digest has a somewhat grittier take on the subject, with a new five-part series Future Farm, Future Crop: Utopia or Dystopia?. It asks a more pointed question: will fickle American politicians abandon support for farming once the rural population vanishes (because of the aging demographics, and because cheap Indians and Africans will be tele-working the farm-bots / drones / Big Data interrogation)?

I think that’s what many ordinary people miss in the unproductive robots/jobs debate. Getting fast Internet access to the billions in India and Africa will potentially enable the people there to work inside our robots and drones. The low-level functions of a bot will be automated, in much the same way as a Google self-driving car, while the higher-level functions are simultaneously provided by a data-assisted remote human operator.