The Jewish Future

I guess the future looks less optimistic if you’re Israel, staring down the parabola of an Iranian nuclear missile and surrounded by irrationally hostile forces. But there is hope, even there, as is seen in 60,000 words in Commentary magazine which has 69 Jewish leaders and intellectuals think about “The Jewish Future”. Incidentally, Commentary magazine has some exemplary Web design and a nice line in covers…


The Jewish Journal has a short digest of Commentary, for those without the time to read something that’s the same length as a novel. Thankfully…

Podhoretz concludes with the project’s good news: “No one actually envisions the Jewish people’s end in an Iranian mushroom cloud.”

i24 also has a good summary.

I guess one possibility, given the rapid emptying of southern Italy of its population, would be to quite literally expand Israel into Europe. Just give southern Italy to Israel, at some point around 2050. Such an expansion could solve a whole lot of problems at once — including Israel’s booming birthrate which appears to be totally unsustainable in a tiny desert nation.

Until then, Israel could do a whole lot worse than to radically up their game on the Web, specifically in publishing open access academic ejournals in English. The nation has so much potential there, to influence and to educate the world and to project a ‘soft power’ that is congruent with their deserved status as both a tech and a military power. But what they offer at present is very poor, both in quantity and presentation.