Horizon Scan of Global Conservation Issues for 2016

“A Horizon Scan of Global Conservation Issues for 2016”, open access. My summary of some of the items they suggest:

Broadly positive:

* breakthroughs in large-scale renewable electricity generation (including ‘blue energy’).

* much-improved electric batteries (leading to proliferation of tiny autonomous bots and drones, animal tracking).

* China gets new ‘balanced’ ecological policies right, and exports its principles to its African investments.

* automatic ship identification + ship radar tracking (as a counter to illegal fishing).

* passive acoustic monitoring (as a counter to wildlife crime and disturbance).

* return of invasive species (breeding stock taken back to their native habitats, where they may replenish a weakened gene pool).

* artificial glaciers for increased water supply.


* Electric Pulse Trawling in ocean fishing (an early ban prevented research on the possibility it might be better than what we have).

* use of bees to deliver microbiological crop-control agents (possibly good, maybe not).

Probable unintended consequences, misuse or over-use:

* possible future over-fishing of the central Arctic Ocean, which is “beyond the [legal] jurisdiction of its five coastal states”.

* construction of more artificial ocean islands.

* impact of human testosterone supplements, and nanoparticles, if these enter watercourses.