Matt Ridley’s “Deep Optimism” talk – now free as video

Matt Ridley’s “Deep Optimism” is a 2011 talk for the Long Now’s Seminars About Long-term Thinking. It’s now officially free as video, because today The Long Now opened up their videos to non-members. As a consequence the Long Now site seems to be experiencing traffic-surge problems with their video feeds, so you may have to wait a day or two for the current surge to die down before viewing. In the meantime, I now feel able to link to the pirated YouTube version of Ridley’s “Deep Optimism” talk. Alternatively, the audio-only .MP3 file of “Deep Optimism” is here.

Other especially optimistic Seminars About Long-term Thinking talks, also now free as video, are:

* Jesse Ausubel: Nature is rebounding (the Earth is recovering and greening)

* Steven Pinker: The decline of violence (the world is becoming a safer place to live in)

* Peter Diamandis: Long-term X-Prizes (new methods are motivating the brightest people to do stuff that matters).

Personally I think I prefer the audio-only versions of the talks. There are no non-verbal distractions and, in one’s imagination, the speakers look so much more handsome and better dressed than they do in real life. But for classroom use the videos may be useful for some — when the traffic surge to the Long Now site dies down.