10 Reasons To Look Forward To the Future

“Johan Norberg: 10 Reasons To Look Forward To the Future” on Reason, promoting his new 250-page book Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future. There’s no audio book version, but there’s a 50-minute podcast interview on SoundCloud.


“This book is a blast of good sense” — The Economist.

“Norberg has a strong case and he makes it with energy and charm. A pertinent book for grumpy times.” — The Sunday Times, London.

“Johan Norberg chronicles the still largely unknown fact that humanity is now healthier, happier, cleaner, cleverer, freer and more peaceful than ever before. He also explains why, in this superb book.” — Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist.

Two months after release, I go to Google News and search for: “Norberg” “10 Reasons” progress. It seems the book has only been covered by Reason and Business Insider, according to Google News. The Economist review does pop up on a wider search, but only via AFR syndication to Africa. A better book publicist is needed in future, I think, to break out of paywalled niches such as The Economist and The Sunday Times.