Radio Tombs

Latest edition of the BBC’s Radio Times, lead opinion article, right at the front… on how being a pessimist is supposedly healthy…


Well, I suppose it goes along with the unremitting gloomism and socialism-lite spin being pumped out by much of the rest of the BBC. The BBC News website is currently nearly wall-to-wall anti-Trump, even in the Science and Environment sections.

The above article seems to be connected to a week-long BBC Radio 4 series “The Power of Negative Thinking”. Seriously. I see they also have a drama series called Gloomsbury these days, which follows on from the depressing Woman’s Hour feminist magazine programme. How apt. Looking through the rest of the Radio 4 schedules is like browsing the contents list of a copy of the Socialist Worker’s Party newspaper or Spare Rib magazine circa 1986. Wheeling on Melanie Phillips for a few minutes every couple of weeks doesn’t make up for the rest of the obvious leftist bias.

It’s useful to be reminded, every so often, of quite why I gave up on the BBC in favour of podcasts — apart from their still-excellent In Our Time and the still-fun Doctor Who.