Wired Australia

Good news for the Anglosphere, Australia is getting online. But isn’t it online already, you might ask? One would assume so, but from the news it appears ‘not so much’. Apparently Australia currently doesn’t even have Amazon, either.

The Australian National Broadband Network is aiming to fix the lack of fast Internet access and is finally starting to make headway, after becoming a political football and suffering the usual mis-selling and teething problems. The effort to wire this vast and mostly-desert country seems to have been punishing on the ground, and the struggle there is obviously still ongoing. But the reports this week say that 4.4 million premises (30%) either have broadband or are wired up for it, and…

“The NBN has sparked a mini-spending spree on internet-connected devices.”

It seems we can be optimistic that after another couple of years of work the whole country will be wired up, even the deep outback places. And that will mean a whole lot more educated English-speakers able to fully and freely interact with the rest of the Anglosphere.