New book: It’s Better Than It Looks: Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear

Just launched and published in hardcover a week ago, the major book It’s Better Than It Looks: Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear. The Carnegie Council has a launch event transcript, in which the author introduces and outlines the book, followed by a Q&A.

A search of Google News for the title suggests a near-total media blackout among the establishment media. A week after launch and release, one passing mention in the Boston Globe — in order to score a silly anti-Trump point. One bit of coverage on an obscure local radio station. The author did a pre-launch podcast interview at the leftist Slate, but the podcast’s text blurb highlighted the point that “gun control advocates shouldn’t compromise.” Kirkus manages one of its typically tiny and snide reviews, but the reviewer grudgingly calls it a “contrarian pep talk” that “will ring hollow for many, but it’s an argument worth considering.”



Wired magazine, such a pity… Every day brings new evidence that the once great magazine of future-optimism is now being heavily glommed onto by the loony left…

Headline 1: Despite all the excellent news on the UK economy and in the creative industriesWired‘s headline suggest that fearful techies emigrate to Ireland to escape the horrid Brexit.

Headline 2: Instead of looking at the hard science on the unfounded claim that African drought = greenhouse warming, and the abundant evidence of the internal incompetence and corruption in South Africa… Wired‘s headline claims the problems there are down to “climate change”.