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Socialist Supervillians: Doctor Gloom. This is just my quick Sunday morning prototype for a possible series. I’m open to offers, perhaps for a regular paid slot as an illustrator for a political magazine? Could be shown alongside the back of the card, which would contain a somewhat-topical and chuckle-inducing description of the character.


Ensia magazine

A very elegant and informative new online magazine Ensia, featuring articles on fact-based environmental action to fix real problems. Long-form reportage, and beautiful photography…

“Ensia is a magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action. … Ensia is powered by the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota with support from major foundations and private individuals.”

Excellent all-round, in presentation, writing, and focus.


New Scientist archives now online

Track down and chuckle at all those old pessimisms about the future, via the new 1956-1989 archive of New Scientist, freely searchable at Google Books.

“the more sophisticated the delegates were, the deeper was their pessimism — even to the extent of believing a “climatic flip” to have taken place within the past three years implying the imminent approach of a new Ice Age to be at hand …” (1974)

Or how about this, from 1970…

Project Lascaux

News of a beautiful ambitious large-scale art project, that also connects to the Long Now: “Artists complete replica of Lascaux cave paintings”

Three years of work has gone into creating a true-to-life replica of renowned Stone Age cave paintings in southwestern France, and the 46 segments are ready to be transported and installed in a hillside near the original site in Montignac, in the Dordogne, about 500 kilometres south-southwest of Paris. The International Centre of Parital Art, 150 metres long and 9 metres high, will open by the end of the year [2016].

The original cave, discovered in 1940 and closed to the public since 1963, contains nearly 2,000 Upper Palaeolithic wall paintings depicting rhinos, horses, bison, deer and panthers – Europe’s most important collection of prehistoric art, by the oldest known modern humans, who came to Europe from Africa via Asia.

The website for the project is